Marianne - 47 - IC Nurse at Antonius Hospital - Cancer Patient

Being healthy for me means that I function well on a mental, emotional, social and physical level. I went through a very intense period. My study to become an IC nurse was very demanding. I also struggled with some issues in my relationship and shortly after I got diagnosed with breast cancer. That was my wake up call! I knew I had to make a real change. Someone showed me an article about Sophia and I immediately knew that she was the right person for me! Sophia has guided me during my healing process from cancer. But we also talked a lot about the period before my diagnose. Because I believe that intense stress and ignoring what is really going on has a big impact on your health. If you don?t know how to get your health and life back on track and you want someone who is capable on helping you on all levels (mentally, emotionally and physically), Sophia is the person you should go to!

Nick - 33 - Founder Startup Boot - High Performance

Being healthy means a couple of things for me. It's about exercise, what you eat and feeling good. I train for marathons and ironmans, plus I have a very demanding work life. Sophia and I created a health and detox plan to really help me perform at the top of my ability. But she also coaches me on other levels, because she knows that I'm a "work hard, play hard" kind of guy. So we talk about that I need to plan more breaks. That will only help me to perform better and create better results. What I love about Sophia is that she's always very relaxed and she really listens to you. Through Sophia I also learned about daily gratitude and how big an impact that has on your life.

Magrita - 44 - Director at Cofely - ex cancer patient

You truly start to understand how important your health is when you have lost it. Sophia has taught me to listen to my body. We have created a personal health plan for me. Now I know how to eat, how to truly relax, how to manage my stress levels and enjoy my family and life much more. She guides you in a way that you know you can do it and that you can really integrate that new healthy lifestyle. What I like about Sophia is that she comes from a place of personal experience. You can really trust her. She is incredibly kind and caring and that is what you need when you are healing from cancer.

Maureen - 32 - Founder Back to Back PR - stress management

When you run your own business, it feels like work is never done. Even when I'm home I'm still working and thinking about work. Sophia has taught me to take a break, let the stress go, enjoy life and to "shut the door" on work for a bit. Sophia and I talk a lot about how I handle different business situations. I have learned to take a step back and take a bit more time with difficult decisions. Sophia is a master in making very difficult situations simple and easy to understand. The advise that she gives is always spot on. Sophia is an empowering person, not only in the work that she does, but also how she lives her private life. She just goes for the things she wants to experience. Sometimes I catch myself thinking: 'How would Sophia handle this situation?'.

Anouk - 24 - Writer at The Publisher's Wife - cancer patient

I was diagnosed with cancer at 23. Someone told me about Sophia when I was almost at the end of my chemo's. We had an intake and I felt a click with her right away. Sophia has become more than my therapist. She is one of my role models and I learned so much from her. She has guided me in many different social situations, because having cancer has also a big impact on your social life. Before I got cancer I was always on the go and had a lot of stress in my life. Now I have learned how to manage that and to really take care of myself. I didn't know how to do that before and I was not aware of what I was doing to my body. I think the most of us don't really know how to take care of ourselves; it's all about becoming successful. I'm still ambitious but with Sophia I have created and integrated a very healthy lifestyle that will support me in the future.